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 How to use the CenterStand

Lifting a bike with a CenterStand is easy for one person to do and it only takes a few seconds. Just place it under the frame and push down on the handle.  As the handle goes down the bike goes up. Move the CenterStand forward if you want to lift the front wheel.


Step 1

Stand the bike up and balance it by holding onto the left handle grip. Grab the CenterStand and position it under the frame using a predetermined sight line for reference.


Step 2

Once the CenterStand is contacting the frame the bike is stable. Use your weight to push down on the handle. As the handle goes down, the rubber grips the frame and the bike will roll with the stand as it goes up. Technique is more important than brawn here.


Step 3

Lift complete in about 30 seconds! The bike is stable enough to do whatever tasks you need to do. The CenterStand is designed to go over center so that the weight of the bike holds the handle down to the ground. It can't flip up unless you want it to!


To lift the front wheel just move the CenterStand towards the front wheel and repeat the process.

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